Good Luck

Access: 2-minute walk under elevated to the east from Sannomiya Station.Are You on the south side.Will 2F that ChinAsa house like is in the 1F.


【All you can eat】 Cheese Daccarbie 8 pizza including pizza all you can eat ♪ All 6 items 2200 yen (with 2 soft drinks)

【All you can eat】 Cheese Daccarbie 8 pizza including pizza all you can eat ♪ All 6 items 2200 yen (with 2 soft drinks)

2200 yen

tax included.+ 1200 yen with 2H drink anything you can OK

All-you-can-eat pizza including all-you-can-eat pizza of cheese duck carpet (L.O 90 minutes).Perfect for the girls' party and various banquets ♪



◆ Authentic smoked bacon smoked scented Caesar salad


◆ Addictive avocado dip

◆ Raw Ham (Proshute)

◆ GoodLuck specially made! Fresh tomato and baked crispy ☆ Salsa

◆ baguette or tortilla chips


◆ Special chef specialty pizza 8 kinds


(Traditional pizza of Italian Naples authentic)

· Genenbase of eringi and basil

(One piece of exquisite features Erinigi's crunchy texture and fragrance of Genovese)

· Self-smoked bacon and Shimeji's peperoncino style

(A word from the staff who ate a bite "Oh ,,, Tamara" by Nomo)

· Parmigiano pizza of raw ham salad

(Elegant eating response of raw ham and salad is preeminent)

· Cheese Duckalbi Pizza

(Korean popular cheese taccalbi appeared in Good Luck! The sweetly seasoned meat's eating response is outstanding! Please relish!)

· Meita mochi cheese pizza

(Our most popular classic pizza.There is no need to talk about compatibility between cheese and Akta cheese)

· Quattro Formage

(I topped the honey with four types of cheese, Gouda, Blue Cheese, Camembert, Mozzarella)

· Tuna and olive bambino style

(The scent of tuna, olive and tomato will stimulate your taste!)

\ + 1200 yen with all you can drink ★

[Options menu]

Additional options at each ★ + 500 yen !!

★ All-you-can-eat ham and gym!

★ All you can drink for 30 minutes!

★ Dolce Assortment ... Sweet things to different belly!

Coupon that can be used

  • 【All you can eat】 Cheese dacarcalbi Pizza, 8 kinds of pizza all-you-can-eat course 2200 yen
    2 hours with unlimited drinks ¥ 3400

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      Other ticket services not be used / 1 set one / two persons one or more times

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of December 2017